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1 If I'm not a business major student, can I apply this program? Yes, multiple background students are welcome.
2 Where is NKFUST and the headquarters of Cathay United Bank? NKFUST is in Kaohsiung City, the second largest city in Taiwan; CUB is in Taipei City, the capital city of Taiwan.
3 How can I get the visa? CUB will cooperate with the local travel agency to apply for your visa. You will be asked to provide required documents. For more details about required documents, please go to thewebsite:
4 How many semesters are in a Taiwan university year?
There are two semesters of an academic year, and 18 weeks per semester. 
Fall semester: from September to January, followed by winter vacation. 
Spring semester: from February to June, followed by summer vacation. 

1 National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
2 Cathay United Bank (Taiwan)
3 Cathay United Bank (Cambodia)
4 Cathay United Bank (Laos)
5 Study in Taiwan
6 Information for Foreigners
7 Bureau of Consular Affair Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BOCA)
8 Tourism Bureau